oak grove midwifery

Meet the Midwives!

Oak Grove Midwifery is a partnership of licensed midwives in southern Oregon who have assisted mothers and caught healthy, beautiful babies on three continents.  They enjoy reaching out around the world, and they are nestled as Ashland midwives in the southern Oregon midwifery community.  Oak Grove Midwives embrace the journey of the childbearing year, from pregnancy through birth and breastfeeding as a normal, natural process. 

How our practice works:

Oak Grove Midwifery consists of a team of two midwives, Rachelle Canady and Jenn Head.

Two fully trained and professional midwives will allow you to rest easy knowing that your care is well rounded and fully covered by a compatible and knowledgeable team.  We alternate the prenatal and postpartum appointments, take turns answering calls, scheduling visits, and both of us attend your birth.

When you call the Oak Grove phone, one of us will always be available to address your questions or concerns. Both of us attend each birth, and participate in prenatal and postpartum care. 

Rachelle Canady, LDM, CPM has been attending births in the Rogue Valley since 1997 and is passionate about supporting women and their families as they journey through the many wonders of pregnancy and childbirth.   She believes strongly that birth is normal and is continually awed at the strength and beauty of the women she works with as they trust their bodies and welcome their babies!

Originally trained through the apprenticeship model, she also interned in a clinical setting in the Philippines, as well as completing an academic midwifery program. 

She is the mother of two gorgeous girls who continue to teach her more lessons than she could ever imagine teaching them.      

Jenn Head, LDM, CPM, LM, is a Certified Professional Midwife, an Oregon & California  Licensed Midwife that has been attending births since 2001. She finds the journey of growing a baby and family exciting, and trusts wholly in the birthing process. She completed midwifery school and did her clinical internships in the United States and in the Philippines. 

She has also spent time as a Senior Staff Midwife in Attiak, Uganda working with the organization Earth Birth, now Mother Health International.  Currently, she serves as the Regional Representative and the CEU coordinator for the southern region of the Oregon Midwifery Council.

International midwifery is a passion for her, and hopes to create a practice and lifestyle that allows her to travel and serve worldwide.

She lives in Ashland, and is married to her best friend of 20+ years. They have three awesome girls.