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Oak Grove goes to the Philippines!

June 12, 2014
Rachelle and Jenn received a grant from Michael Franti and Spearhead's non-profit, Do it For the Love Foundation, to work at Bumi Wadah Foundation Philippines for the month of October 2014. We are truly grateful. We are restructuring our practice to support our passion for international midwifery and non-profit work. We will leave at the end of September for a month to serve as midwives for the women at the Bumi Sehat Medical Relief Camp in Dulag, Philippines. In the wake of disaster, this Birth Camp was started by the amazing Vicki Penwell of Mercy In Action, and is now under the caring support of CNN Hero Ibu Robin Lim, of Yayasan Bumi Sehat. We will be serving the women and the families devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) from Fall last year. Oak Grove Midwifery is collecting supplies for the families and the Birth Camp Midwives. List of needed items Oak Grove will be collecting for the Birth Camp: dopplers, BP cuffs, Stethoscopes, Pitocin, Lidocaine, syringes-3ml, DeLees, Gloves, thin cotton baby blankets, baby shirts, & baby hats. It will be Rachelle's third time back to the Philippines and Jenn's second. Lets hope our Cebuano has held up through the years. So there it is! Stay tuned for more updates and events in support of this work!

Carryingwonder Photography Special

February 20, 2014
There was a beautiful birth that happened just before Christmas in 2013 and this mama chose to have her birth captured by a professional photographer.  Courtney Zimmerman of Carryingwonder Photography, captured the birth with an eye of a journalist and the heart of a mother of 4. Her presence at the birth was stealthy and professional.  Most importantly, Courtney understands what home birth is and has faith in the process and a beautiful respect for the mother as she labors and births.  

You c...

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Placenta Medicine

February 20, 2014
It seems like we may be the only mammal species that does not routinely take advantage of the nutrients the placenta has to offer. My best friend's cat just had kittens, and as soon as each placenta was born, the mama kitty would eat it, even before the next kitten was born.  It gave her the energy to keep going with her labor and birthing. Probably much more effective than the honey we offer our clients when they are in labor!

The placenta's hormonal make-up is completely unique to each moth...

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Midwifery Model of Care and UnBreaking Birth

December 10, 2013
At Oak Grove Midwifery, we take this model of care to heart.  We are believers that birth is a normal physiologic life process.  We believe that by supporting the woman, her baby and the entire family as a whole, we are creating better birth outcomes.

"The Midwives Model of Care is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes.

The Midwives Model of Care includes:

•  Monitoring the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing c...

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Ashland's Mama Maternity Closet

November 13, 2013
Maternity clothes are so expensive and we want to make sure that all mamas feel comfortable and supported in their pregnancy. 

Each Wednesday, between 9 and 11, we are in the office to receive donations of gently used maternity clothes and Baby clothes up to 12 months in size.  Once we have a accumulated enough donations, we will open the closet for the whole community to come and "shop" for free!  If you would like to bring in some things at other times, you can hang it on the door and let us...
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Breastfeeding - The Milky Way Basics

October 31, 2013
Breastfeeding - The Milky Way Basics: December 15 (1PM - 3PM)

Community Members are welcome for $10 per class. Current or past clients are welcome at no cost.

Nurslings are welcome!

Learn the basics and helpful hints on breast feeding. We welcome mamas who are breastfeeding, have breastfed before, have never breastfed but will be or support individuals to join us in our class. Breastfeeding requires support from the individuals around.

Some topics to be covered as time permits.
• benefits of bre...

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Postpartum Preparation and the BabyMoon

October 31, 2013
Postpartum Preparation and the BabyMoon: November 10 (1PM - 3PM)
Life after the baby is born! 

Life can significantly change in the matter of moments and we want to help prepare you for whats coming next! This is a great class to bring both parents, and possibly even key support people that may be with you in the first 3 months.

Food planning, bonding, siblings, newborn care, healing, What is a BabyMoon?, and overall care for the family.

This is an essential conversation and practical info...

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Poem - Entry

September 11, 2013

Cresting waves of oxytocin deliver earnest pains.
Obligatory rushes of strength and tightening
Opening hour by hour
Centimeter by centimeter
Tears of joy, angst and doubt
"I don't know"
"I'm ok. I'm ok."
Only turning to uncontrollable urges
Urges that come from nowhere, somewhere
grunt, huff, scream
Descending into fullness
So full, so big
Fuller than ever imagined
Huh huh huh
Fuller still and then even fuller
Overcome with fullness
Push, breath, breath

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The Healthy Placenta - The Healthy Child

September 10, 2013
Our bodies make a disposable organ that not only nourishes and protects our baby, but also as this new study finds...

It is "the placenta—not the mother—that provides the hormone serotonin to the fetus’s forebrain early in development. Because hormones play an essential role in brain wiring, even before they function as neurotransmitters in the brain, placental abnormalities could directly influence the risk of developing depression, anxiety and even autism." (http://www.scientificameric...

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