Cresting waves of oxytocin deliver earnest pains.
Obligatory rushes of strength and tightening
Opening hour by hour
Centimeter by centimeter
Tears of joy, angst and doubt
"I don't know"
"I'm ok. I'm ok."
Only turning to uncontrollable urges
Urges that come from nowhere, somewhere
grunt, huff, scream
Descending into fullness
So full, so big
Fuller than ever imagined
Huh huh huh
Fuller still and then even fuller
Overcome with fullness
Push, breath, breath
Emerging, bordering the window between here and there
A small and
So big a crown shows
The fullness reaches its peak
Wiggle and squirm
Mushy cheeks and bendy ears
Eyes still closed
Rotation, turn and
The fullness has now shifted
No longer below or underneath
But bursting in the heart