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Placenta Encapsulation - $125 

In the process of placenta encapsulation we gently clean, steam, dehydrate, powder, and encapsulate the placenta.  Every placenta varies in size; therefore the amount of capsules may vary significantly (50-200 capsules).  It is best to start this process within the first 72 hours, but as long as the placenta is kept frozen after 72 hours, the process may begin after that.  We use the vegetarian capsules, which have no preservatives or animal products.  The placenta capsules may be taken similar to an herb pill.  Always have a nice glass of water to wash it down.

Capsule size: "0" size holds approximately 680 mg

How does this work?  

Regardless of type of birth, the placenta can be set aside for you.  Just make sure it is in your birth plan and that your birth team (doula, midwife, doctors, nurses) are aware you want to keep your placenta.

We need to be able to get the placenta within 72 hours from birth. It needs to be kept refrigerated or on ice in a gallon zip lock baggy. We can come get it from you or meet up with someone if that works.  We can bring a small cooler, or you can, and we will get it back to you when we bring the capsules.  In general, the capsules are delivered back to you within 48 -72 hours of receiving the placenta. Shoot us a text when you are in labor and then again after the birth, so we can be ready.  If your birth happens in the middle of the night, just let us know in the morning. (541) 690-6591

How should I take my pills?

1-3 times per day for the first 1-3 weeks after receiving pills, or until strength has been restored, and as-needed thereafter.  You can increase or decrease dosage depending on how you are feeling on any given day.  A different course of dosing may be called for under different scenarios.  Discuss with us or your midwife. 

How do I store my pills?
The pills have been dehydrated, so they must be stored in a cool dry place.  As long as the capsules do not get wet, they should be good for many years.

Do not use in “heat” conditions or for people with the presence of pathogenic factors, including common cold and mastitis.

Other times to take my pills:
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Experiencing Stress
  • In a period of transition
  • Feeling sadness or depression
  • Return to menses, or any other time that causes hormonal fluctuations