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Childbirth Classes

 Join us for 7 sessions of creative exploration and education. Take this time to center yourself and look forward to, the upcoming birth, and care of your newborn. There will be hands-on activities, movies, role playing, meditations and more.

Topics covered:

  • Birth Today – How did we get here?
  • Pregnancy – Growth and Decision Making
  • The Process of Birthing
  • Pain Management Techniques
  • Creating YOUR birth - Birth Plans
  • When giving Birth is difficult – possible interventions
  • Feeding your newborn - Breastfeeding focused
  • The Newborn, Postpartum and the Family

There will be a potluck reunion after the babies have been born!


Private classes are available. 

Another Seedling Childbirth Class Review for parents who have already had at least one child. $150

 The Milky Way

 Breastfeeding Class

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This is a four-hour "how-to" creative lactation education class. It's a wonderful way to prepare to feed your nursling, or learn more about your nursing newborn. 

In the class, we talk about your reasons and goals for breastfeeding. We will also discuss potential concerns that you and your partner may have around breastfeeding, along with learning the anatomy and physiology of the breast and the baby. We encourage the nursing mother and the partner to attend this class, if possible. 

We will visit you after the baby has been born at a location of your choice (hospital / home) to check in on you and the baby and will be on call for you for the first 21 days for phone or email consultations any time of the day.

A special gift of tea and a breastfeeding kit.

"Milky Way" Outline


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Tender Roots Infant Massage Class

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Are you interested in learning how to massage your baby? 

Contact Oak Grove and let's set up a time for three 1.5 hour sessions in a private setting and you can learn how to better communicate with your baby through massage.

Jenn is trained and certified as an Infant Massage Educator through Infant Massage, USA. Please visit Infant Massage, USA to see what we are all about.

Benefits: Communicating Parents Love Through Touch and the benefits for both baby and parents.