oak grove midwifery

Our Philosophy

~ Childbirth is a powerful rite-of-passage, whether it’s your first baby or last. Every parent desires and deserves a healthy baby and a safe journey through this transition. The midwives at Oak Grove believe in a woman and child’s right to a safe, empowering, and joyful birth experience.

~ At Oak Grove Midwifery, we work in a loving environment of mutual trust. Together with our clients, we trust the natural birth process, the mothers and families we work with, and our birth team to work together to bring about great outcomes for each mother and child.

~ We trust women’s bodies. Women have been giving birth successfully for all of human history. Risks are minimized when pregnancy and birth are allowed to progress normally. Un-medicated, uninterrupted births result in smooth hormonal and neuro-chemical releases within a woman’s body and encourage the baby to be alert and participatory in the birth experience. Natural birth facilitates bonding and primes the mother and child for breastfeeding. We deeply trust birth physiology and believe that mothers and babies benefit in health and spirit when natural birth is protected.

Fears arise and dissipate. Ideals are created and surrendered. Identities as ‘mother’ or 'father' grow and evolve. Giving birth can be loud or quiet, long or short, intimate or social, painful or blissful, and often, in its wholeness, is a mixture of many of these things and more. Our philosophy embraces all of these experiences as essential parts of the process.

~ As midwives, our job is to be guardians of the wide spectrum of what is normal. If we notice something that is outside of that healthy spectrum, we will offer you informed choices about health care and treatment options. We rely on dietary choices and herbal remedies and offer referrals to other health care practitioners when indicated, such as an OB/GYN, an Acupuncturist, or a Chiropractor. We respect and advocate for your choices. Safety is central. 

~ Your choice of a natural, physiologic birth is a basic human right. We want to increase access to that choice through our midwifery practice, our educational classes, and our support. 

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