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 Postpartum Placenta Medicine - Why should I get my placenta made into capsules?

 The benefits of placenta encapsulation can include:

  • Decrease in baby blues and postpartum depression.
  • Decrease postpartum bleeding.
  • Decrease iron deficiency.
  • Decrease insomnia or sleep disorders.
  • Increase and enrich breastmilk
  • helps to adjust to the intense hormonal shifts 
  • Increase in energy & reduce fatigue
  • can be used in Menopause: alone, or in conjunction with other nourishing and supportive Chinese herbs

Please be in touch & let us know if this is right for you.

The placenta's hormonal make-up is completely unique to each mother. No prescription, vitamin or herbal supplement can do what one placenta pill can. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using placenta medicinally for thousands of years. One of the well-known TCM uses for placenta, or Zî hé chē, is to help with insufficient lactation.  A small study in 1954 seemed to point in that direction. More recent research has discovered that placentophagia could enhance pain tolerance by increasing the opium-like substances activated during childbirth. This would obviously be beneficial during the postpartum healing process. 

The theory is you are replacing the hormones you lost during the birthing process. Each woman's placenta is unique to her hormonal make-up.  Supporting articles

Some Details:

  • Universal Precautions are always used.
  • All equipment used is thoroughly cleaned and dedicated to placenta preperation.
  • The ingredients for the capsules can be tailor made for the individual. Some people choose to add ingredients complimenting the medicinal properties of the  placenta. (ie. nettles, St. Johns Wort, etc.)
  • Please be in touch prenatally, if you can.  Last minute arrangements are possible.
  • $125 for the Encapsulation Service
  • $100 for Placenta Powder
  • + $35 for the Placenta Tincture
  • Travel costs applied for greater than 20 miles from Ashland.  Call and lets see what works best for all. 

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