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Placenta Tincture (2 oz.) +$35 and $15 per additional 2 oz.

Placenta tincture is a constitutional remedy that can be used for the baby throughout her/his life. The placenta contains vitamins, minerals, hormones and stem cells so it’s a very good immune remedy. A few uses include cough, stuffy nose, indigestion, teething, high stress events. It’s also beneficial for mom during transition and stressful times.

Placenta tincture is made from lightly steaming the placenta and nurturing  for 6 weeks in an alcohol solution until strained into a tincture bottle for use.

For children, people with alcohol sensitivities, or for those who just prefer a non-alcohol product, we suggest putting a dropperful of tincture into a cup of hot water. The hot water will evaporate the alcohol away and leave the the nutrients.

Dosage: 7-10 drops directly under the tongue or between the cheek and gum is recommended, or if preferred, in liquid (water, juice, etc) taken during times of stress or transition for mama or baby.

Note: If you only want a tincture made without encapsulation or powder,  the placenta needs to be in our possession quickly and is a $45 fee for preparation.  The remainder of the placenta will be returned to you.  If you would like more than 2 ounces, it will be an additional $15 per 2 ounce bottle and will require more pieces of the placenta.