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 Words from some of our clients...

"When my husband and I found out we were pregnant again, I knew exactly where I wanted to have the baby. We were living in Uganda at the time, and there was a birthing center several hours north of us called Earth Birth. At the end of my second trimester, however, we began to make plans to move back to the States before the baby was born. I immediately started researching midwives and was surprised to find how many midwives there were in southern Oregon--how would I choose?! Well, when I read Jenn's bio and discovered she had worked at Earth Birth in Uganda, I knew my search was over. Thankfully, Oak Grove was willing to take me on at such a late stage of pregnancy, because I just knew we were meant to be together!

My first birth was in a midwife-run birthing center on the East Coast, so I was already familiar with midwife care. That experience, while very positive, was nothing compared to my experience with Oak Grove.They don't just bring amazing backgrounds and expertise into their practice--they bring mothering hearts and incredible passion. I knew my baby and I were in great hands medically, but they didn't stop there: I felt cared for on a much more holistic level. 

The Oak Grove midwives assure their mamas that pregnancy and birth are natural and beautiful. Though I knew this in my head already, their experienced, nurturing care made me a believer. " - The Zimmerman's 

"I highly recommend Oak Grove! What an incredible experience it was for myself and my family. Not only did we receive experienced and educated care but also the wisdom of amazing women. As I reflect on my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum I feel incredibly grateful. I had women who trusted my body and helped me feel confident in my ability to to birth my baby with grace. My hope is that all women get to have an experience like mine and feel empowered by birth! I love you oak grove!" - Caitlin Fears

"We are so very fortunate to have found the caring and talented women at Oak Grove Midwifery to share our amazing journey with. Since our initial meeting, every aspect of our adventure has benefited from being in their care. We have no doubts that the bonds formed will be lifelong! Thank you Oak Grove for exceeding every one of our expectations.   You can view our slideshow here: http://youtu.be/zVnohGgwHr0 
Much love, Kendra, Jesse and Hudson"
"Wanted to let you guys know that Claire, Isla and I think the world of you guys. From our first meeting to the birth day and beyond. You have been, informative, honest and real enough for us to have had every faith in this wonderful process. Choosing midwives was our first real parenting choice.  These women were a great part of our pregnancy/birth/postpartum team! Home birthing was sooo right for us, and we were blessed to have Oak Grove Midwives facilitate a beautiful and safe home birth.
Thanks again, love the Clooneys.."
"On rare occasions in life you have the opportunity to experience the simple and pure dedication of people doing that which they love to do.  For our family we experienced such an opportunity working with the dedicated midwives of Oak Grove Midwifery.  My partner and I are so grateful to for the astounding level of care and devotion they provided me and my daughter from my prenatal care through the labor, delivery and postpartum care. 

After delivering my son in a hospital with the care of midwives and experiencing a home birth with my daughter, I can say without hesitation home birth is the way to go.  The midwives empowered me from the beginning with prenatal visits focused on a more holistic, whole body approach to managing my pregnancy.  Through their care I was able to manage my changing body and the challenges of all three trimesters by way of diet, homeopathy and herbal supplements; I wish I had had this with my son.  The hallmark of the care I received form Oak Grove was the degree to which I was empowered by the women to make my own choices about my body and my new baby.   While this empowerment was the pinnacle of my experience it also came as the greatest surprise.  The sense of empowerment had an overarching reach through my labor and delivery.  It allowed me to remain calm and relaxed through the entire process; something that stands in stark contrast to my hospital delivery.   I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to bring my daughter into the world in our home, surrounded by the love of family and the kind nurturing care of midwives.  If for any reason an expectant mother is “on the fence” about a home birth, I would encourage her to interview the ladies of Oak Grove Midwifery.  They are a trustworthy, caring and professional group of women that will serve you and your family in ways you could never have imagined.  They may even end up feeling like part of your family.  They have made such an incredible impact on our lives and for that I will be forever grateful."Paul and Katie 

"Oak Grove Midwifery is more than an incredible midwifery service It has been a support well into motherhood and women's health! I do not know what I would have done without you. You helped me navigate the crazy birth process of our sweet baby and held an unconditional space of love and support for me as a mother. I am so incredibly grateful to you and hope to continue this relationship into the future and health of my womb and our family. Your passion for supporting women, families and the birth process is supportive beyond anything I have seen before. Thank you for all you do from my entire family!" - The Hernandez Family!